Aplasia cutis congenita and amniotic band syndrome: an uncommon association


Amniotic band syndrome is an unusual clinical entity with a wide variety of presentations that include constriction rings, syndactyly and limb or digital amputations.12 Aplasia cutis congenita is a rare congenital anomaly involving variant layers of the skin, most commonly affecting the scalp.3 Amniotic bands following rupture of the amniotic membrane in early pregnancy have been proposed as a cause of aplasia cutis congenita.3 Still, the presence of a fibrous amniotic band at the site of the constriction ring at birth is extremely unusual. This case further adds to the evidence of amniotic bands as aetiology for constriction rings and aplasia cutis.

A full-term female neonate was delivered by caesarean section as a result of non-progressive labour. The pregnancy had been uneventful and there was no remarkable family history. Physical examination at birth showed several constriction rings around…

from #ORL-AlexandrosSfakianakis via simeraentaxei on Inoreader http://ift.tt/2kcvrGX


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